Wave G2 product shot


arrow pointing down
or means you have an option
or means you have a choice
until now if you were in the market for multi-pack carriers your choice was limited.


it’s just a little word however it has powerful implications

arrow pointing down



means you have an option

arrow pointing down

We'd like to introduce you to Our innovative new collation solution for securing multipacks of canned beverages. We're rather proud to bring WaveGrip to the market, as not only will you now have choice, you'll also enjoy arrow pointing down

...numerous benefits

  • WaveGrip enables you to reap all the commercial benefits that packing your drinks in multipacks can bring
  • Unique and efficient application systems designed to easily integrate within your existing canning operation whilst providing operational efficiencies
  • Value engineered to give you the most competitive can collation solution available
  • WaveGrip will give you value-for-money and our G1 and G2 systems replace the need for expensive collation equipment
  • Cost effective - the lowest entry cost multi-pack solution, together with...
  • The lowest cost carriers on the market
  • More environmentally friendly than existing collation options
  • Multiple pack format and film options available
  • High speed – over 2,000 cans per minute
  • Low speed and manual systems available
  • Future development potential

And it doesn't stop there...

Your retailers and their customers will also reap the benefits with WaveGrip.

  • Customer familiarity
  • Seamless introduction
  • Easy facing
  • Easy pack repair
  • Safe and secure
  • Intuitive handling
  • Easy pick-up and easy can removal
  • Recyclable